Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Are Tube Randoms?​

Tube Randoms are tubes in our inventory of random sizes, random quantities, and random lengths. These tubes are typically drops off previous jobs, the balance of unused tubes when a mill minimum is ordered for a job, or contigency left over from a previious job. This material is not shown in our stock due to variance in our cost compared to our stock. This is a good place to look when you need short lengths or small quantities.

What is the difference between ERW Tubing And Seamless Tubing?​

What Is ERW Tubing?​

ERW (Electric Resistance Welded) refers to the seam welding fabrication process. The strip is trimmed, cold formed to shape, and the edges are weld prepped through a series of rollers. The prepped edges are then forced together under pressure and heated.

What is Seamless Tubing?​

Seamless Tubing is manufactured from a solid round billet that is pierced and extruded. There are no welded joints or seams.