We offer a wide range of services and are capable of producing high quality and cost effective boiler solutions to meet your industry needs.

  • Water Wall Tubes

    • ​Fin Tubes
    • Membrane Boiler Water Wall Panels
    • Partial Water Wall Opening Panels
    • ​Refractory Studding / Lugs
  • Assemblies / Modules

    • Super Heaters
    • Economizers
  • Boiler Header Fabrication

    • PWHT (Post Weld Heat Treat)
  • Engineering

  • Quality Control

    • Possess ASME S; U; H & R Stamps
    • PED Qualified
    • Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
      • Penetrant Testing (PT)
      • Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)
      • Radiography Service (X-ray)
      • Full-time NDE level III / multiple level II technicians
      • Hydro Testing
      • Ball Check
      • UT Wall Thickness Testing
      • VT Testing
    • Heat Treatment Services
    • Painting and Preservation

We have specialized equipment to meet your custom needs.

Dependable. High Quality. Cost Effective.

Solution Anneal

Submerged Arc Pipe Welder

Gang Bender

Pema Welder

Plate Rolls

Trumpf 3040 10k Laser

BayKal Press Break

Indexing Saw