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​All of our inventory is stored inside our 38,500 sq feet facility to guarantee our boiler tubes are in the best possible condition.

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Metro Boiler Tube Co., Inc stocks over 500,000 feet of the most popular sizes and specifications of boiler tubing at our facilities making us a leading Boiler Tube Supplier in America for your boiler replacement tubing and fabricated boiler parts. Below is the most current list of our inventory in both our Ringgold, GA and Gonzales, LA warehouses. As a leading Boiler Tube Supplier we carry large quantities of various boiler tube materials including: SA178-A, SA178-C, SA192, SA210-A1, SA213-T2, SA213-T11, and SA213-T22. In the most popular ODs including: 1.5", 1.75",2", 2.5", 3", 3.25", 3.5" and 4" and wall thicknesses Including: .105" mw, .120"mw, .135" mw, .150 mw, .165" mw, .180" mw, .200" mw, .203" mw, and .220" mw. Our material comes from various mills including: Webco (Made In The USA), Vallourec (Made In France), Michigan Seamless (Made In The USA), And Bentler (Made In Germany).

Sales Team

Sam Long - Metro Boiler Straight Tube Division Manager

Sam Long

Straight Tube Division Manager

Trent Hebert - Louisiana Division Manager

Trent Hebert

Louisiana Division Manager

Lucas Doperalski - Metro Boiler Tube Straight Tube Sales

Lucas Doperalski

Straight Tube Sales

Emergency Work

Our Shop Stay Active 7 Days A Week And We Have An Emergency Number With On Call Employees To Handle Any After Hours Emergency Work.

We Have The Ability To Arrange Hot Shot Drivers For Quick Deliveries On Nights And Weekends.

Emergency / After Hours Contacts

(762) 887-0408


As a standard our straight boiler tubing is stenciled with stenciled with the od, wall, spec, and heat number (typically Mill Stenciling). Any custom stenciling, marking, or tagging can be added upon request.


Our boiler tubes are bundled with steel banding. Wood blocking, crating, and wrapping can also be provided for your boiler tubes. Corrosion ressistant coatings, plastic, metal, or 4" vinyl caps.

Wheelabrator Rotoblasting

In house Wheelabrating/RotoBlasting can be provided to remove scale, corrosion and coatings from our boiler tubes ensuring a clean surface more susceptible to welding and painting


Our boiler tubes can be cut (+/-1/16") and Preped (Id/Od) and ready for field welding when they arrive on site.

Weld Prep

With in house lathes and portable bevelers we have the ability to prep all tubes to be ready for field welds. (Both ID and OD)


​With our two Mitchell Swaging machines Metro Boiler Tube Co., Inc has the ability to Swage And Anneal your tubes on a quick turn-around basis.

Material Specs

Weight Per Foot

Weights are approximate. Wall Thickness vary from the tube mills.

OD (Outside Diameter)

Wall Thickness

Still not finding what you need?

Please contact Sam Long (Georgia Boiler Tube Sales) Or Trent Hebert (Louisiana Boiler Tube Sales) and We will try and find your replacement tubes from other boiler tube suppliers or straight from the mill.