What Is ASTM A178 / ASME SA178 Tubing?

ASTM A178 tubing is carbon steel and carbon manganese ERW tubing used in boilers, boiler flues, super heaters, ASTM A178 is available in A178 Grade A (low carbon steel), A178 Grade C (medium carbon steel), and A178 Grade D (carbon manganese steel). The ASTM A178 Specifications are listed below with the Chemical Composition and Mechanical Properties.

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ASTM A178 Chemical Composition

ASTM A178 Gr A0.06% - 0.18%0.27% - 0.63%0.035% Max0.035% Max-
ASTM A178 Gr C0.35% Max0.80% Max0.035% Max0.035% Max-
ASTM A178 Gr D0.27% Max1.00% - 1.50%0.30% Max0.015% Max0.10% Min

ASTM A178 Mechanical Properties

GradeP #Tensile StrengthYieldMax HardnessCheck Inventory
ASTM A178 Gr A / SA178A P 1 ksi: 47 MPa: 325 ksi: 26 MPa: 180 77 HRB (Rockwell B) A178 Gr A Inventory
ASTM A178 Gr C / SA178C P 1 ksi: 60 MPa: 415 ksi: 37 MPa: 255 79 HRB (Rockwell B) A178 Gr C Inventory
ASTM A178 Gr D / SA178D P 1 ksi: 70 MPa: 485 ksi: 40 MPa: 275 77 HRB (Rockwell B) A178 Gr D Inventory
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