Bent Generating Tubes

Metro boiler tube Co., Inc has the ability to provide every thing from a complete boiler generating bank retube or a single / partial gen tube replacement in an emergency.

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Jessie Byers

Fabricate Boiler Tubes Sales

Generating Bank Packaging

All of our replacement boiler Generating Bank tubes are crate style packaged with wood and steel banding for transport to your facility. Each tube will be marked with your item number size, spec and heat number. The top ends are marked with a band of white paint and the ends will be capped plastic and wrapped in plastic. We also offer a 4" Vinyl Cap and metal caps. You can also have the caps taped.


Partial Replacements

Metro Boiler Tube Co., Inc carries a large inventory of stock. In an emergency we can provide single generating tubes, small quantities shipments or even partial generating tubes in a rush.

Finned Sidewall Tubes »

Finned Sidewall Tubes

Find out more about letting us provide your replacement generating sidewall tubes.

Finned Sidewall Tubes »

Swaging and Anealing

We currently has the ability to provide tube swaging with inverse draw and to anneal your swaged boiler tube ends per ASME Code with heat induction in our shop .

Swaging / Anealling Process »