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Rodney Leffew - Metro Boiler Tube Fabricate Boiler Tubes Sales

Rodney Leffew

Metro Fabricate Boiler Tubes Sales

With the addition of our membrane water wall gang bending operation we are able to do a majority of the welding with a SAW (Submerged Arc Welding) procedure. Reducing the amount of hand welding to our bent panels. Using either our Gantry Panel Welder or our PEMA Welding operations our fit up time has been cut to a minimum. Submerged Arc Welding gives us better penetration, a more consistent Weld and is considerably faster. Gang bending has also allowed us to reduce the amount of reworking the membrane panel bends after welding due to thermal movement. This allows us to provide a quicker turn around, competitive pricing and an overall better product.

Metro Boiler Tube Co., Inc keeps over 500,000 feet of the most popular sizes & specifications of straight tubing in stock that allows us quicker deliveries. You can see a list of Our boiler tube inventory Here.