Bent Finned Gen Sidewall Tubes

Metro Boiler Tube Co., Inc manufactures finned generating sidewall boiler bank tubes welded and annealed to ASME Code.

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Chris Shadrick

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Tube Swaging

Metro Boiler Tube Co., Inc currently has the ability to provide tube swaging in house with our two Mitchell Swagers. These swagers have the ability to control and maintain the finished wall thickness with the application of one of our many inverse draw mandrels.

Metro Boiler Tube Co., Inc can anneal your swaged finned sidewall boiler bank tube in our shop to ASME Code.

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Tube Bending

All bent Finned Side Wall Tubes are checked on a full scale layout off the bending machine.


As a standard all Finned Side Wall Boiler Bank Tubes are placed in a steel jig fixture after all fabrication is complete. This final check allows us to verify the tubes as the enter the upper steam drum and lower mud drum. We Verify bend angles and the location and size of any burner openings, soot blower openings, observation openings or any other opening you may have in your side wall. This also allows us to check the membrane, any refractory lugs/studs or any other attachments for interference and location, The final cut points will then be marked and trimmed to this fixture allowing us to visually see any issues you may have during the installation process.