Metro Boiler Tube Co., Inc has the in house ability to fabricate bend dies, press dies, and custom tooling in our machine shop at a competitive price and quick turn around. Contact our sales team for a free quote.

Bend die for bending boiler tubes.

Bend Die Fabrication

Fabricated bend die for a #4 Pines Machine.
12 inch bend die for bending 3.25 inch boiler tubing.

Tooling fabrication for a 3.25" on a 12" CLR (center line radius) CS (carbon steel) bending die for a #4 Pines Bending Machine.

16 inch center line radius bend die for bending boiler tubing.
Custom made tooling for fabricating boiler tubes.

​Tooling fabrication for a 2.5" on a 16" ​CLR (center line radius) CS (carbon steel) bending die for a #4 Pines Bending Machine.

Clamp Blocks / Slide Bar

Fabricated clamp blocks and slide bars for a #4 pines machine.

Custom made slide bars and clamp blocks for bending boiler tubing.
Misc tooling for a pines bending machine fabricated at Metro Boiler Tube.

Press Tooling

Press Tooling fabrication for a 2.5" tight radius CS (carbon steel) press die.

Fabricated press/coin dies for making tight return bends for a boiler superheater.

Tooling for pressing economizer return bends.
Press tooling to squeeze and resize return bends to maintain the wall thickness and ovality.

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Chris Shadrick - Metro Boiler Tube Fabricated Sales

Chris Shadrick

Fabricate Boiler Tubes Sales

Specialty Tooling

Our machine shop can fabricate specialty bend tooling. Contact us about improving ovality, wall thinning, flow reduction, and overall quality. Fin dies can give you the ability to bend fin tubes after welding reducing rework and improving production.

We have tight radius bend dies, undersized tooling, "Back to Back" tooling and custom fin dies currently producing quality bends in our shop.

Specialty tight radius bend tooling.
Bend die for bending tight radius bends.

Undersized bend tooling for tighter radius bends on boiler tubing.

Tight radius bending die fabrication and sales for #4 Pines C-Frame hydraulic press bend die.

Bending Post

Replacement post for a Pines bending machine.
#4 Pines bending machine replacement post.

Metro Boiler Tube Co., Inc can provide replacement post for the most common bending machines.