Metro Boiler Tube Co. Inc has the capabilities to supply front wall headers, rear wall headers, sidewall headers, super heater headers economizer headers. We can provide everything from purchasing the pipe and materials, pipe / header machining through our in house post weld heat treat to ASME Code. We can provide your headers with tube stubs for field installation or complete assemblies or modules.

Header Machining

We have the ability in house to provide header machining, end prep. We also have close resources to provide C & C machinig of your headers.

Header Fabrication

We have recently acquired an automated sub arc (SAW) welder for large OD headers. This process allows for greater penetration and a more consistent welds. This has also greatly increased our speed and production.

Header Assemblies / Modules

Let us quote your next super heater header module / assembly.

Post Weld Heat Treat

Metro Boiler Tube Co., Inc has the ability to post weld heat treat your water wall, super heater, economizer and any other boiler related header in our shop to ASME Code.

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Kevin Phillips - Metro Boiler Tube Mechanical Division

Kevin Phillips

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Sam Long - Metro Boiler Straight Tube Division Manager

Sam Long

Straight Tube Division Manager